Hues of Blue

With all the weather changes over the last two months, I've been wearing a mix of spring, winter, and fall clothes! Although I do not care for the inconsistency with the weather, it has forced me to expand my wardrobe across seasons. Once I started transitioning to spring and taking some of my spring clothes out of storage, I was not going to put them back, even though winter seems like it does not plan on ending anytime soon.

What I like most about this long shirt from Zara is that I can wear it with tights, jeans, and shorts once it gets warmer. I would definitely say that long sleeveless dresses can be easily worked into your winter (and fall) wardrobe too. Wear a long sleeve shirt and tights under your dress with booties or tall boots for extra warmth, and you've mixed your winter and spring wear! It's just that easy. Since we were getting a touch of spring weather, I paired the shirt with very light teal ripped jeans and gray booties.

Shopping tip on the booties: I bought these about two weeks before Black Friday (BF) from Macy's for less than $50, along with a couple of other boots! I decided not to wait for BF, because a) they had my size (10) and b) they had an additional discount. Because Google was tracking my order on my phone, it was easy for me to go back to and check the current price of the shoes once I received them. Well guess what? Two of three shoes were priced lower, so I immediately called Macy's and they gladly gave me a refund to reflect the new discount! Always research and don't be afraid to ask questions, it could save you money. I think I was able to save an additional $23.

My lovely head scarf was a Christmas present that you know I will wear multiple ways. I definitely like colorful and eclectic scarves over solid colors, they are more fun. Don't save your scarf for just cold or bad hair days, I also wear them when it is hot and even when I might be having a good hair day. Check out additional outfit details below.

Outfit Breakdown

Ripped Jeans: Old Navy Boots: Style & Co from Macy's Accessories: Gold Plated Earrings from Lou Lou Boutique

Scarf: Christmas Gift :)

Watch: Christmas Gift :)

Share how you handle transitioning between winter and spring in the comment section below!

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