Sample Sales and Pop-Up Shops

If you live in NYC and I'm sure LA as well, you must take advantage of sample sales! I am not always great at keeping up with them since there are often several each week, but it is definitely worth fitting it into your schedule when you can. I was doing what I typically do on the weekends, exploring the city, and then I saw something that made my eyes light up (lol) - signs for a Madewell and J. Crew sample sale! Since their prices are higher than I would prefer, I figured I should check it out. I found these great dark-turquoise cropped pants along with several other items that were perfect items to add to my fall collection. Since it is already getting cold in NYC, I will soon have to wear these pants with a pair of tall boots!

A few weeks later I was in Soho and saw a pop-up sign for a store called Don't Ask Why and decided to check it out. As I was looking around, I found out that it is a new line from American Eagle, and the clothes are made in Italy. All of their clothes are one size fits all, but everything was loose fitting for the most part. The material of their clothes is super soft, comfy and it just flows! My hands were full going into the dressing room, but since the price point is a little high, I had to go with my top two picks. This striped crop top with a little peek of the shoulders made the cut! I might need to head over there this weekend to see if the store is still there!

Other Outfit Details

Headband: Zara

Shoes: Target

Handbag: Nine West from T.J. Maxx

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