Let Your Personality Shine

Are you like me and try to wear every white piece of clothing that you own before Labor Day or are you a rebel and wear white at anytime during the year? What is the big deal right? It is 2016 anyway, it is time to change the rules! I move for less conformity and just doing what feels right to you! Copious Style promotes letting your personality shine through your style and wardrobe - so be you!

The white pants that I have on in this 'fit are very comfortable, so comfortable that I think I will have to make them a part of my fall wardrobe, which is right around the corner. I see my green booties, an over sized plaid shirt, and a jean jacket to top it off. I digress! So, I recently found the necklace that I have on at Leekan Designs in Lower Eastside - NYC and wanted to wear it ASAP! The store is pretty cool too, a great place to find creative pieces to make jewelry, fancy folding fans, scarves and even home furnishings. I bought both the top and the jeans from Old Navy online during their end of spring sale and the necklace just happened to match perfectly. You may recall the top from the On and Off the Beach post on August 18. I am expanding my wardrobe one top at a time :)

About my shoes! Everyone flocks to the Macy's in Herald Square (I go often too), but oh how refreshing it was to go to the one in Downtown Brooklyn, and have room to shop! I found these pink babies on sale there after deciding to stop in for the first time last summer. I am glad I did too, because they had several shoes on sale in size 10, which is not always easy to find. I also saw these shoes on Instagram shortly after and was able to let some eager shoe lovers know where to find them! That is what Copious Style is here for, so follow us on Instagram @CopiousStyle so you can stay connected too!

Photography: IG: @eveningembers

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