On And Off The Beach

I decided to head outside to soak up some sun before summer comes to a close, and I threw on my favorite beach cover-up (the tropical piece that appears to be a skirt or dress). I was meeting a friend afterwards, but I did not feel like changing and wanted my outfit to look more like an actual outfit (lol). I randomly decided to put on a peplum top that I ordered on Old Navy's website a while ago, it was on clearance - probably only $6! I was not completely feeling the flow of it, so I added a thin tan belt and whalah!

The look that I was not really anticipating came together quite nicely, and the accessories complemented the bright colors in the cover-up. I bought the Double Zero cover-up from one of my favorite boutiques (Mina Mas) in Columbia, SC, which unfortunately is no longer open. Below are a few online stores that do sell the Double Zero Brand.

For more cover-ups, check out H&M! They are on the top of my list for inexpensive and colorful cover-ups! They sell them for around $7.99 every summer, and they are also great pieces that will allow you to expand your wardrobe. You can wear them with a bathing suit (of course), tights (you still wear them too), jeans, shorts, as a dress with a jean jacket, and for all the pregnant women who do not quite want to buy a completely new wardrobe, they are perfect during your pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Have fun with your jewelry and shoes too, you are wearing beach wear after all! I got these comfy and not too high sandals from the Nine West Clearance store in Harlem last summer - it has unfortunately closed.

Photography: @Eveningembers

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