Opposites Attract

It is important to step outside of the box sometimes, outside of your comfort zone. Why not? This week's common piece is one-of-a-kind in my wardrobe. I do not have any other skirt that fits or flows the way this one does and the mustard yellow color is very unique. Doesn't this skirt have a medieval times flare to it?

I usually go with a softer look when I wear this skirt, but I decided to try something completely different and went with an edgy look in the outfit on the left. Along with the skirt, I wore black leather tights with zippers, a black leather jacket, a grey t-shirt and gold jewelry. It is not quite work friendly, but great for a night out with friends or a date. And I love this soft t-shirt that I bought for around $9 from Banana Republic. Catch their outlet store during their seasonal sales!

Strategic Shopping Tip #172: Invest in a leather jacket! My jacket is from Express, and it was not the most expensive, but still good quality. This purchase was definitely worth the one time splurge, and most of the US is having great "leather jacket" weather right now! I've had this jacket for about 4 years now, and I can wear it in the spring, fall, or on cool summer days, and it is great when you need a light jacket when you are heading out on the town and don't want to lug around a heavy coat! New York City is starting to see some spring-like weather now, thankfully! Oh and let’s not forget the red lipstick, which completes this outfit.

The second outfit shows a softer side of me (my "Sound of Music" look). I thought that the navy blue shirt went perfectly with the mustard-yellow skirt. I wore dark grey tights underneath the skirt with burgundy socks and a burgundy and brown belt to finish it off. I honestly do not wear this belt often, but it works perfectly with the color scheme of this outfit. It is great to have traditional black and brown belts, but you may be surprised how having more eclectic and colorful belts can help you expand your wardrobe. Take advantage of buying accessories like this, which can be low in cost, but high in return because they can make the difference in your outfit!

Common Piece: Skirt from Forever 21

Outfit #1:

T-shirt: Banana Republic

Leather Jacket: Express

Tights: Miley Cyrus from Kohl's

Boots: Steve Madden from Steve Madden

Accessories: Gold hoop earrings and a black and gold heart necklace (also worn in an outfit in the Work in Style post), and black sunglasses

Outfit #2:

Long-sleeve shirt: Mossimo from Target

Tights: Old Navy

Belt: Burlington Coat Factory

Boots: Cathy Jean

Socks: American Eagle

Accessories: Burgundy/Gold earrings and gold bracelets

Hair: Doug Jackson IG: @hairbydougj

Photography: Sonny Shaikh IG: @sonnyshakes

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