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Sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Working with what you have in your closet should not equate to a long, difficult, or drawn out process. Don't overthink it! There is a simplicity about both of these outfits and for the most part, I'm wearing everyday basics. A necklace can always easily serve as a statement piece and can make your outfit feel complete.

The first outfit is perfect for the burst of spring weather that a large portion of the US is having right now (yes!). The second outfit is great for fall, but still works well for a cool spring day. I usually do not wear different shades of the same color on top of each other, but the light teal shirt with the darker and brighter teal necklace on top has a nice contrast. Along with jewelry, hair accessories, and your makeup, shoes can also be a great way to make an outfit stand out and can make it easier to expand your wardrobe options. The Nine West fuchsia flats that I am wearing, which you may recall me wearing in the Yellow, But Not So Mellow post, add a completely different color to the teal combination. I found these babies on sale at Macy's!

If you continue to follow me, you will see that I tend to wear a lot of Nine West shoes. Why? I am always able to find a great deal in Nine West Outlet stores and in Macy's, and both stores generally have my size (10), which can often be hard to find especially when there is a sale. I do not wear these shoes often, but they were worth the purchase being that they were under $20. I also like to have all colors in my wardrobe, which allows for more flexibility with my overall style.

Most of you probably do not own a vest these days, but I have a few and they come in handy. It is an easy layer to add to make an outfit different, which is what I was able to do in the second outfit. I have worn this vest with dresses and skirts, so although a vest is simple, I'm able to use it in a variety of ways. I found the brown boots from Cathy Jean, which was one of my favorite shoe stores when I was living in South Carolina. Unfortunately, it appears that they may no longer be in business. What I love about the necklace that I have on is that you can remove the links, which are all different shades of brown. This is also a good quality piece of jewelry that was not overpriced that I bought at a store called Handpicked in South Carolina.

Outfit Breakdown

Common Piece: Casual Button Down Teal Shirt from Old Navy

Outfit #1:

Jeans: Old Navy

Flats: Nine West from Macy's

Accessories: Teal and Gold Necklace and Gold Stud Earrings

Outfit #2:

Jeans: Old Navy

Vest: Arden B

Boots: Cathy Jean

Accessories: Brown and Gold necklace and Gold Hoop Earrings

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Hair: Doug Jackson IG: @hairbydougj

Photography: Sonny Shaikh IG: @sonnyshakes

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I'm originally from South Carolina, and moved to NYC by way of DC. I'm not the stereotypical southerner, but not quite the city girl either. I have always had a passion for fashion, and I started sketching designs when I was in high school. It is ironic to me that many of the designs that I was sketching in the late 90's and early 2000's eventually became popular items that you and I both probably had in our closets. While the dream of my line being strutted down the runway at New York Fashion Week works itself out, I thought that I would focus on another area of fashion that I enjoy - styling! I love being creative with the clothes that I have in my closet, the shoes that I have stacked in a book case, and the accessories that I have stashed in various places in my room. Styling is oh so fun, it lets me be a chameleon in a sense, and it allows me to show a bit of my personality! 


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