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Today's work environment is different, women and men for that matter are not required to wear the traditional business attire anymore, unless you are in a certain industry of course. This is positive, because even work is a good place to show your personality through your style. I always have. You may still need to keep your shoes, dresses, and skirts at a certain length, but do not be afraid to add color and jewelry to liven up your work attire. Simply dare to be different.

I advise buying blazers in multiple colors, they can be very flexible, therefore easily allowing you to expand your wardrobe (there will be a post on blazers another day). I wear this tan one with jeans, dress pants, or even the right dress. Both of these looks are somewhat casual, comfortable, trendy, and still professional.

The common piece of clothing this week, is a plaid green and black pair of pants from The Limited (that I found on sale of course). Because the blazer is bold, I chose to go with a heather grey shirt underneath it. The necklace complements the grey shirt and my "diamond" stud earrings are very subtle. If you have followed my blog posts so far, you can probably see that these black booties are one of my favorite pairs of shoes to wear during the winter season.

The second outfit is definitely sportier. I am actually wearing a sweatshirt, which has two pockets in the front from the Jones New York sportswear line. As you will see below, the necklace is black and gold and I have on large gold semi-chunky twisted earrings. The crocodile shoes with the coral lipstick to match are my statement "pieces". This outfit for me is slightly edgy for work and that is what I love about it.

Outfit Breakdown

Common Piece: Green and Black Plaid Pants from The Limited

Outfit #1:

Blazer: Forever 21

Shirt: Gap

Boots: Steve Madden

Accessories: Chunky silver chain necklace and diamond stud earrings

Outfit #2:

Sweatshirt: Jones New York

Crocodile Heels: Nine West

Accessories: Black and gold necklace and large gold semi-chunky twisted earrings

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Hair: Doug Jackson IG: @hairbydougj

Photography: Sonny Shaikh IG: @sonnyshakes

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