Not Your Average Cardigan

So maybe the yellow skirt in my post two weeks ago is not my brightest piece of clothing, I forgot about this one! Now, Copious Style is all about expanding your wardrobe and working with what you have, but also shopping strategically. Any time I see cardigans on sale, I scoop them up! When the price tag is $25 - $30 or more for cardigans....I can't do it and I won't do it. I wait patiently for the sales! As you can see in the outfit details below, I bought this one and three others like it from Gap. I would advise getting the basic colors that you need and then at least one or two that have a pattern or color that you do not usually wear. This lime - yellow cardigan was that one for me. Sometimes taking risks will take your outfit to the next level.

The first outfit is all about vibrant colors coming together. Adding the last and brightest layer with the cardigan, just brings out the blue turtleneck and the coral skirt. I kept my accessories simple, but complimentary and have on tall dark brown boots. For those who prefer darker colors, the second outfit really combines a mix of somewhat dull colors and the cardigan adds a lot of zest! I have on dragon-like earrings, which you can see a close up of below.

Anytime that I wear this cardigan it just brings my outfit to life. I have also worn it with navy blue and teal, another great combination. This is definitely not a traditional winter color, which is another reason why I had to have it. As much as I love black and gray, it is worn so much my so many during the winter months (and it must be a thing in NYC :). Spice it up with colors that pop. I wear this cardigan during the fall, spring, and winter - versatility at its best!

Outfit Breakdown

Common Piece: Lime - Yellow Cardigan from Gap

Outfit #1:

Turtleneck: Old Navy

Skirt: Grace (from TJ-Maxx)

Boots: Nine West

Accessories: Chunky lime green bracelet, brown wooden earrings, and a rustic orange ring

Outfit #2:

Long-sleeve shirt: American Eagle

Jeans: Old Navy

Booties: Guess (from Burlington Coat Factory)

Accessories: Multi-colored dragon earrings, blue bracelets, burgundy socks with cream and gray socks over them

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Hair: Doug Jackson IG: @hairbydougj

Photography: Sonny Shaikh IG: @sonnyshakes

#cardigan #limeyellow #versatility #risks #pop #Gap #sale #dragonlike #skirt

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