Copious Style Meets Sarah Seven

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I absolutely loved the Ready to Wear Fall '16 line that Sara Seven showcased at her presentation on Saturday, February 13 during New York Fashion Week. I personally do not have a specific style (I am a chameleon), but I would have to say this is one of my many styles!

The soft teals, pale pinks, and pearl whites with the deep yellows and dark greens were perfection. The new collection is very feminine and conservative, yet sexy and chic. All of the skirts and dresses were below the knee or floor length, which is especially great for tall women like myself. She mixes lace with solids, and soft colors with bold colors. The deep red ombre lipstick, gold glitter on all of the models' eyelids, and the tassel earrings gave a nice finish to each look.

Although the core of Sarah Seven is bridal wear, we are glad that she has us covered with her Ready to Wear line during other seasons of our life! Copious Style looks forward to seeing her Spring Collection during Fashion Week in the Fall.

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I'm originally from South Carolina, and moved to NYC by way of DC. I'm not the stereotypical southerner, but not quite the city girl either. I have always had a passion for fashion, and I started sketching designs when I was in high school. It is ironic to me that many of the designs that I was sketching in the late 90's and early 2000's eventually became popular items that you and I both probably had in our closets. While the dream of my line being strutted down the runway at New York Fashion Week works itself out, I thought that I would focus on another area of fashion that I enjoy - styling! I love being creative with the clothes that I have in my closet, the shoes that I have stacked in a book case, and the accessories that I have stashed in various places in my room. Styling is oh so fun, it lets me be a chameleon in a sense, and it allows me to show a bit of my personality! 


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